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You Need Corporate Videos

Corporate Video Production We understand that this is a visual society. A large percentage of the population learn visually, while audio learners make up another sizable percentage. By providing corporate video production, we enable our clients to meet the needs of most of those who they are trying to reach. Video can be used for many things including, but not limited to: Advertising Training Providing a Message At Vids, Inc. we take the time to find out exactly what you Read More

Houston Video Production Experts Make Your Project Soar

Video Production in Houston Videos are the core of consumer interest and the backbone of success in many fields. They can serve well for a business that wants to get its message to the masses in a quick and precise fashion. Videos have immense potential because they captivate the watchers and contain a wealth of material. A potential customer can learn the background of a business, the benefits of its products, and the purpose of its mission in less than Read More

Houston Video Production at Vids Inc

Houston Video Production Vids Inc is an established video production company located in Houston. We major on both professional quality video-making for both corporate videos and mainstream videos including those that focus on a much smaller audience scale. Our services include video production for variety of programs including TV shows, commercials and even cover videos for corporate events producing high quality videos in all of these areas. Our production unit focuses on each audience type and aims at delivering the Read More

Why You Need to Create Website Videos

Create Website Videos Today’s typical internet user is visually oriented. There are a few different reasons for this. First, with the fast-pace of society, multi-tasking is the norm. It is much easier to view a video while doing another activity. The second reason is that, of all the learning styles, the brain prefers seeing something. The second most frequent learning style is to hear. Videos, therefore, combine two of the strongest learning styles into one piece. This allows for more Read More

How Can Testimonial Video Creation Help Your Company?

Testimonial Video Creation Testimonial video creation can help your company gain the recognition necessary to grow and flourish. In many areas, competition is fierce. You don’t know if the company down the street is going to get the client’s business or if you will. One of the most difficult components to marketing and building a new business is convincing people that your company is worth their investment. They don’t know you. They don’t realize just how fantastic your service or Read More

Five-Star 30-Year Video Production Services Company Increase Business Profits

Video Production Services If you are in need of a video for business, school, church, or any entity small or large, you need a high quality video production company. Vids Inc video production services is based out of Houston, Texas and we have a 30-year proven five-star record of accomplishment in the arena of video development.   We are a┬áproud Google partner that specializes in corporate and training videos, online development, and television broadcasts with only top quality videos. We Read More

4 Reasons Your Business Needs Professional Website Videos

Professional Website Videos According to MarketingProfs, 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium. That is more than half! It is obvious from this statistic alone that Internet marketing is not what it used to be. To market your company effectively, you need to have professional website videos. Not only will this keep customers on your site longer, but they are also more likely to buy. However, this is only one compelling reason your business Read More

How to Create a Commercial That Sells!

Houston Commercial Videography Commercials can last anywhere from 15 seconds all the way to a minute long. The purpose of video is to engage your audience to believe, want, and love the product or service you are selling. It is a form of persuasion, and it is said if you show someone a commercial multiple times it will leave a lasting impression. Commercials can also be an effective way to reach your audience. Billions of people watch TV every day Read More

Why You Should Hire Someone to Create Training Videos

Create Training Videos According to recent reports, about 176 million people viewed online videos last month. While this number might not surprise those of you whose online activity added to this number, for those of you who think this number is outrageous, the explanation is simple. Video is engaging, supports collaboration, and is a lot more interesting than text. However, the number above is mostly for consumer-targeted videos watched by individuals in their spare time. So, what if you applied Read More

Houston Video Production

Houston Video Production - Vids Inc

Houston Video Production A few years ago, some people predicted the death of the graphic arts industry when desktop publishing software became widespread and affordable. Anyone with a computer could create their own graphics, logos, newsletters, etc. But it quickly became clear that it took something more than software to create effective graphics, it takes talent and knowledge of the process. Today, the graphic arts industry is still alive and well. The same can be said about video production. Digital Read More